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this is me in australia i wear these exact outfits daily

“[Jennifer] would ask me interesting questions right before action.”

thats what i ask everyone in australia

this is me guys. this is what i do all day.

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dude that’s fucking awesome you’re in aus!

thanks! i know right??? but seriously. tv. its an issue. i got spoiled at home with jimmy on my parents dvr. i need to figure this out!!!

ps that sounded dirty and i like it.

oh ya thats right now. i havnt slept in like 48 hrs and im in a rape den hostile and i still find time for tumblr… IM THE COOLEST.

why am i here by myself? whos idea was this?? i know nothing about traveling… im gonna get raped and murdered in the street… whoa too far… im tired folks!

im here for the next five months… my main concern is how to watch tv. what kinda shit country is this without HULU??? im gonna kill myself. someone send me somewhere to watch current eps of tv!!!! mostly jimmy

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